OKPAC (Oklahoma Professional Appraisers' Coalition) is an Oklahoma not for profit corporation organized to be the source and voice for current and legislative affairs affecting Oklahoma appraisers. The purpose of OKPAC is to represent Oklahoma’s professional appraisers on a local, state, and Federal level through unification and a single voice.

Attempts to amendment and status of House Bill 1831 validates Oklahoma appraisers must be proactive on political issues affecting their appraisal practice. There is no choice, appraisers regardless of their specialty must work together and support each other through OKPAC as the catalyst that advances this cause.

The mission is simple: unite appraisers statewide, to promote legislative and regulatory changes that will hasten the profession while fostering legislative, public, and industry awareness.

The 2011 Legislative Session has ended and HB 1831 remains in Committee without up or down vote. HB 1831 needs you and your input in the next session.

Join OKPAC and share in shaping your future.

OKPAC developed from appraisers that are passionate, principled, and concerned as to the direction and future of the profession.  Amendments to HB 1831 struck that chord in the current OKPAC Board and many other appraisers statewide. Confronted with a desire to form a voice and means of communication between the Oklahoma Real Estate Appraiser Board, the legislative process and practicing appraisers; time and funds have been provided individually and collectively. The Green Country Chapter of the Appraisal Institute through the men and women of its Board provided seed money to bring a mailing and this website to you. OKPAC Bylaws are quite clear; the effort and emphasis is not of or for any one organization but all appraisers statewide regardless of affiliation, specialty, or practice.

Charter members of OKPAC include Tom Allen, Tulsa; Bob Bryant, Tulsa; Pam Fegley, Tulsa; Jim Hoyt, Oklahoma City; Lee Caesar, Jr., Oklahoma City; Nena Henderson, Edmond; Scott Goforth, Oklahoma City;    Bill Stephens, Pauls Valley and Carl Schneider, Tulsa.

As time and growth takes place your membership and visits to the site will be fulfilled by accessing up to date information and connecting you to current affairs both at the OREAB and in our State Capitol.  Success of this effort is incumbent upon every Oklahoma appraiser to be informed and progressive in the politics and legislative maneuvers confronting the profession.  The current OKPAC Board is dedicated to represent you, please reciprocate that goodwill by your membership and also consider a board seat as commitments expire.  For additional information please contact Carl Schneider by email TomAllen@tulsacoxmail.com .